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Saturday, May 29, 2010


120th post. Bye Dreams in the Dusk.


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Dreams in the Dusk
Friday, May 28, 2010


You will not read any emotional post this time because this blog started with no basis.

This blog started on summer time two years ago after I had a disaster on the last three months of my sophomore year. It's funny that I'm also going to end this blog two years later on summer time after a disaster on the last three months of my senior year.

It’s time to say bye-bye after two years. I enjoyed blogging here and this blog brought me opportunities to know more people.

For those who have followed me, thank you so much :)Thank you for bearing with my fangirling, depression and boredom. It’s time to move on to a new chapter which is college life

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For Two Years


For two years, I noticed a big change on the owner of this blog. At least, I can say that that owner matured so much over the past two years.

As I look back at those two years, sometimes, I would feel creeped out thinking, "How can I post something like this?", sometimes nostalgic "Oh, I remember this :))" and sometimes idiotly amazed, "Whoa! I posted this? I actually knew something like this before?"

It has been years filled with productivity. At the summer of 2008, I saw myself as an annoying kid who keeps on fangirling, telling something useless, and being random using a bad style.

I was more inclined to being a Narutard and being super informal. I use Nyaa/Gah with ~ all the time. I review WSJ like some retard and I blog useless things. The only normal thing I saw back then is how I posted reviews about some mangas. I saw myself as some annoying Narutard-fangirl-of-all-things person back then. I know that people go through this stage but the feeling becomes funny when you look at yourself and you feel the urge to shoot "that" girl.

At the start of my junior year, I was pretty much the same except that I don't post useless things and I stopped using ~ all the time. I still fangirl and I post my school life in a very VERY detailed manner and some of which, you won't even care to know about. I was a Cosplaytard during this time but it didn't annoy me that much compared to being a Narutard. I developed through being more formal(but still informal), stopping the use of ~, I fangirl with detailed evidences why I must and I rarely saw Nyaa or Gah with ~

Summer of 2009 marks the start of being me. I totally don't post useless posts, xD gave more life to my blog and I developed good ideas and techniques in blogging. I have no problems and the only difference between 2009 and now is that I talk too much during that time, but that's not a problem.

During my senior year, I was still the same at the beginning. I fangirl with a few words, I rant, I blog about topics I never thought I would and I post my life in details. However, during 2010, I stopped putting "my whole life" on the blog. My blog became more formal and filled with cheese.

During those two years, I saw the difference and in fact, I was happy. It's like the evolution of Louise 8D I decided to keep this blog open even though I'll be moving. This blog amuses me and makes me look back and remember the past.

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Layout Staff


Aside from blogging, I enjoyed tweaking the layout too. Here are those site titles which helped me a lot:

My next blog won't have cute emoticons anymore. I loved those emoticons, they make me smile so much. RFA Mokku which is the source of my emoticons gave me lots of fun because the emoticons are really amazing 8DD So, let this post also serve as a dramatic exit for the emoticons

Bye-bye! 8D

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College Preparation


My class will start next week and in fact, I am not ready. It seemed like it was really REALLY forced to us that we have to end summer without being emotionally and mentally prepared. It was sad. I feel like I had so little time left to enjoy things and make use of my summer wisely. I'm not excited even though I met my blockmates already. The feeling is just "Reeeeally? I have classes next week?"

Actually, I'm not going to leave things behind after I stepped in the university. It's true that there would be less connection with my high school friends and I know that I will miss them so much. My feelings won't change, I'm still Louise. I'm not going away that far and I don't think that I'll change so much that they will not recognize me anymore. Whatever connections I have today are important and I will carry those treasures with me wherever I go.

If there's a possibility that a high school friend is reading this, I'll just tell you that I'm more attached to my phone now. I'll do my best to reply and I want you to know that I'm just a text away :) Good luck to all of us in our lives :D

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